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Eat More Healthy Fats


Getting Started Using Ancestral Diet Principles – Increasing Healthy Fats and other tips

Eat More Fatty Fish   

Salmon, Herring, Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna, Cod (all   wild-caught)

These fish contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, known to reduce internal inflammation


MCT Oils

Medium Chain Triglycerides  (Coconut oil, Butter, Palm Oil): used in  cooking

Rapidly absorbed, these fats go to the liver to be used for energy, increase BMR, and help retain more muscle mass during active  weight loss


Consume Caffeine

Coffee, Tea, Dark Chocolate

Caffeine temporarily increases BMR and burns fat, boosting athletic performance.

Consistently found to be high in antioxidants, conferring health benefits


Eat Egg

Eggs from Pasture-Raised Hens: 2-3 eggs several times/week

Powerhouses of nutrition and carbohydrate free. High in absorbable protein, reduces hunger and sustains fullness with only 70 calories


Consume Healthy   Fats

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Nut Oils: used in cooking

Coconut Oil: Increases HDL cholesterol, suppresses appetite and boosts fat burning. Olive Oil should not be heated to retain Omega-3 properties. Nut Oils have more favorable Omega-3:Omega 6 ratio than seed oils


Whey Protein

100% Natural, Non-Denatured, No Sugar Added, No Artificial Sweeteners, Non GMO: added to smoothies

Promotes muscle growth with exercise, preserves muscle mass during weight loss and contributes to a higher satiety



Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic and Unfiltered: 1-2   tablespoons mixed in water or used in salad dressings

Decreases gastric pH, reduces appetite, lowers blood glucose and insulin levels and promotes belly fat loss


Full Fat Dairy

Full fat yogurt and cheese (fermented dairy): 1-2 portions weekly

Although not considered Paleo after infancy, full fat dairy can help mitigate the rise of blood glucose compared to low fat and fat free choices

Created by Chrystyne Olivieri, DNP, FNP-BC, CDE  2018