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12 Tenants of a Paleo Lifestyle


What does it mean to be "Paleo"? This chart outlines the basics of a healthy, Paleo lifestyle. Make one change a week for 3 months and then you will see your health improve.

Combating Insulin Resistance


This article published in The Nurse Practitioner Journal, February 2019, by Dr. Olivieri. This is a well respected, peer-reviewed journal well known to all Nurse Practitioners. Read this to understand how to turn your body into a "fat-burning machine".

Keto Diet


Everyone's talking about the Keto Diet. It's similar to Paleo, but stricter. It's similar to Atkins, but more Ancestral. Read this article about the basics of cycling in and out of ketosis to facilitate weight loss.

Eat More healthy fats


This is the basics of a healthy, human diet. Many people think Paleo is a lot of meat, but that's not true. Fats are far more important for overall health, but they must be "Healthy Fats".

A1c >5.7%


If you have an A1c (blood test for diabetes) that is 5.7% or more, you are travelling towards diabetes. This is a dangerous metabolic state where you have chronically high insulin and blood sugar levels. This chart will tell you what you'll find when you arrive at your destination.

An Ancestral Diet


Do you wonder what we know about the diet of our ancestors? It doesn't matter where on this planet your ancestors come from, there are common threads: Low sugar, NO grains, high fat - mainly from animals. There are many indigenous people that hardly ever eat carbohydrates - Inuit and Eskimos!

More Articles and Research

Low fat myth is bad for you

The USDA starting publishing "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" in 1980, updating every 5 years. Alt

The USDA starting publishing "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" in 1980, updating every 5 years. Although positive changes have been made through the years based on new research, there is still work to be done.

The optimal human diet


What are humans supposed to eat? Carbohydrates/Protein/Fats in a 33%-33%-33% ratio. 

Many days, I eat up to 50% of my calories from healthy fats, the most important of all three macronutrients!

Intermittent Fasting


Human beings have been fasting (sometimes unintentionally due to lack of food) since the beginning of time. It's actually quite healthy and within our DNA to "not eat" for a period of time.

Carb Cravings & Stress Eating


The Human Body is very good at handling acute stress (like running away from a Bear), but terrible at chronic stress (like financial or relationship problems, traffic or a job you hate). Read here to understand how the human body deals with stress.

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